Anime Upscaler

AI Anime Upscaler is using the latest AI upscaling technology that you can produce high-quality anime wallpaper/posters by upscaling small or low-quality pictures. 
Looking for the best way to upscale cartoon/anime pictures for 4K? Our Anime Upscaler has applied the advanced neural-net algorithm for upscaling. Anime Upscaler maintains image quality fast, stable, and ensures the best quality. Therefore, saves you from disappointment when images are zoomed in and appear blurred.

Anime Upscaler

Just one click to increase your anime illustrations/shortcut's resolution and it's all free!

Change your low-resolution image to high resolution

Are you looking forward to printing a banner/ poster, then what are you waiting for? Anime Upscaler will do it for you. The resolution of an image can be improved and not only that but small-sized images can be made larger and better. Although the size of the image is increased, the image won't lose its quality. Details of the image will stand out as it does in its original size! Images can be scaled up to 100%, 200%, or 300% which makes a huge difference in comparison to the original image.

Recover Anime details

Upscaling Anime photos to 4k would make your Anime look more realistic and attractive. Anime Upscaler is here to help you out with your imperfect anime photos to make them perfect. Make your anime photos free from the pixel, blur, and compression artifacts, and super HD in quality. It could smooth and improve the picture quality and make the detail or texture smoother. 

Multi-purpose uses

Images upscaled with Anime Upscaler can be used as profile pictures, wallpapers, cover images, etc as it has high resolution. Image format compatibility is provided so the image can be saved in any format.